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Reader x Fem!Child!England - Babysitting
You always hated kids, but you needed money quickly. ]
That's why you accepted the request of babysitting your friend Arthur's younger sister, Rosa, while he and his parents were away. From the stories Arthur told you about his sister, she was a spoiled brat. Her outlook on life was pessimistic, and she only cared about her well being. You dreaded meeting Rosa, and you dreaded having to spend four hours with her even more.
When you arrived at the Kirkland Manor, none other than Mr. Kirkland himself opened the door. His mustache twitched at the sight of your clothes. He greeted you with a stern look and ushered you into the living room. You shuffled awkwardly into the large room, but you immediately noticed Arthur and waved. Before you can say anything, you heard a voice like nails on a chalkboard come from across the vast space. With the voice came a little girl about 5 with long blonde hair and glasses.
"She is going to be my babysitter? Daddy, look at her posture! It's horrendous!"
:iconlaika-the-hero:laika-the-hero 28 3
Won't Desert You: Punk!England X Reader
'How did I get here?' you thought. You were at your ex boyfriend, Arthur's, concert. You had broken up with him around three months ago and started becoming, should I say, friends with benefits with his friend Alfred. Alfred treated you slightly different from how Arthur had treated you. Sure Arthur was a punk rocker, but he was also a gentleman and treated you with care like a delicate doll. When on the other hand, Alfred treated you like a best friend rather than a love interest. You were still friends with Arthur, even if it was awkward at times if he was around and Alfred had happened to kiss you on the cheek. Lately though, he was acting differently around you at school. You found it strange and tried to avoid him for a while, but, being his friend meant coming to his concerts to support him.
The Britt walked out on stage with his band.  He was wearing a pair of red ripped skinny jeans, a graphic-t with the British flag on it, multiple chains and his favorite blue conver
:iconkawaiigirl15:KawaiiGirl15 36 7
Punk!England x Reader Request- The Girl Inside
You sighed; another boring day of simple schoolwork. Well, simple for you at least, seeing as you were known all around school as the most serious student alive. Or at least that's the façade the other students believed.
You truthfully loved to have fun, but your parents had really put on the pressure about school. Thus you were forced to hide that one side of you that you secretly loved. That side included a girl that was quite the opposite from the strait A, quiet, and serious girl who had eventually also become a part of you. Yes. The other half of you was the side you'd been forced to suppress by your parents.
The girl inside you who was sarcastic, snappy, couldn't care less about school, and who loved to turn her music up full blast was the one your parents could never know about- or anyone else for that matter.
The only problem about this was that one guy who seemed to know who you really were on the inside. He'd even made some sly remarks about how he'd love to crack
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 412 114
EnglandxReader: I'd fight for you
betrayal between sisters all for a single man whom was supposedly to marry one of them- the older twin. A family war breaks out as lives are taken, this man carries his own desires, and perhaps he had opened up slowly to one of the twins . If you can sit down in patience and read through this story, you’ll find its true end.
Circles, a common shape that was in the ballroom. All you could see were women twirling around in giant ball gowns much like your own.  Eye masks were worn on their faces keeping everyone anonymous, though if ones eye was keen enough, you could see right through the masks hiding their sins. Your eyes glared coldly at everyone in this room; surely you were happy for your twin sister but was this giant ball really needed?
You loved your sister, you really did sincerely, however, the man she was marrying, you did not like at all. Not one bit. You hated and loathed him from head to toe seeing as the man clearly has no heart. He cared
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 57 17
England x reader (feat. Awesome Trio) - The game
The big day has come. After eleven years of waiting, finally has come day of the premiere. You had to meet your friends in the biggest game shop in your city. But before you leaved you had to wait for your boyfriend, who had his tea time.
"Arthur, can we go now?"  you asked
"Calm down, we have a lot of time" man answered "Please, take a sit and drink tea with me"
You sat down on the chair next to him but you waved with your legs nervously and jumped up and down on your chair. Arthur laughed.
"Alright, come on" he finished his tea and took his car keys.
"Thank you, Arthur" you jumped off the chair and kissed him on the cheek "I love you"
"I love you too" man answered. He took you to the store.
"Gentlemen, are you ready?" you asked and choose (character class).
"Yes, ma'am" they all answered
You started the game. You were playing with your friends – Alfred, Gilbert and Mathias. It was no problem for you to finish first act.
"Kesese~ It was quick!" Gilbert laughed
"I know,
:iconwiralin:WiraLin 51 15
Party Stain - England X Reader
Party Stain - England X Reader
Why Arthur had even accepted the invitation to Alfred’s party was beyond him.
The music was deafeningly loud, his head pounded like it was being hit repeatedly by a sledgehammer, and currently he was being crushed between two fairly burly men as he tried to make his way off the dance floor.
He squirmed between them, trying to push them off, only to have them bump back with the beat of the offensively explicit music.
Instantly, he lost his footing and tumbled forward, hitting the floor roughly. He scrambled to get back up, dashing for an escape from the madness.
He wanted to leave. Now. And nothing was going to stop him. . .
Except knocking into someone considerably forcefully.
He was so focused on getting out that he wasn’t really paying attention, and when he turned the corner you collided, spilling soda everywhere and bumping heads violently.
Arthur palmed his forehead in pain, looking down at his clothes. His once white button-up shirt now
:iconsugarroll:SugarRoll 220 34
EnglandXReader - The Pirate's Bride C5
Arthur's POV
He walked away from you, inside of the ship. If you didn’t figure out why he wanted you to remember so badly, then you were either (1) running away or (2) stupider then Alfred. He sighed. He still couldn’t believe that he actually kissed you. He was so in the moment and so hurt at the same time that you didn’t remember that he just did it on impulse.
He sighed and walked past his cabin and continued down the hall. He wanted to get lost. He wanted to get lost inside of his own ship. But that was impossible. He knew this ship like the back of his hand. He knew how to get everywhere, where everything was. He ran a hand through his hair. He was going to have to apologize to you. But, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it yet, not after he just kissed you and walked away.
He clenched his fists. No. He wasn’t going to apologize. He was just going to try harder to make you remember who he is to you. Once that task was completed, he would make good
:iconashrevans:AshREvans 280 274


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